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Can civilians attend your courses?

Yes if you can provide one of the following documents.
1.)   A valid CCW
2.)  A letter, with departmental letter head, from local Police or Sheriff’s Office showing no serious or recent criminal history.
3.)  Active Military credentials, (within the last 3 years).
4.)  Active Private Military Contractor credential, (within the last 3 years).
5.)  A letter from any of Crosswind Precision instructors verifying your character/lack of criminal activity.

What are the age requirements for your courses?

We require that our students be at least 18 years of age. This is for background checks. This may be waived under certain circumstances.

I have no long range experience. Is this okay?

Not a problem! We train many new shooters and experienced shooters who are new to long range shooting.

What scope is best for me?

I am a big fan of NightForce optics, but they come with a price tag that matches their quality. I have also found that Athlon makes a good quality scope at affordable prices. There are many good manufacturers out there: Vortex, Swarovski, Leupold, Zeiss, and Schmidt & Bender all make top quality optics.  This is not an area to cut back on when building a precision rifle.  You may have a high dollar custom rifle but if you mount cheap glass on it you will never have the precision needed for accurate long range shooting. YOU MUST HAVE A SCOPE WITH EXTERNAL, ADJUSTING TURRETS!!  This is a MUST! To learn more about scopes and external verses internal adjustments, read our detailed blog article here.

What ammo do you recommend?

You will need good quality ammo for precision shooting.  We recommend ONLY match grade ammo from a good manufacturer.

Is my hunting rifle sufficient for the Long-Range Precision classes?

Any rifle you chose to bring must be capable of shooting a 5 round group under 1 inch at 100 yards.  Your hunting rifle may be capable of this type of accuracy. Make sure your hunting rifle has the correct scope for the class and can handle match grade ammo.

Can I rent equipment?

A gun rental option is coming soon, so stay tuned. We do have a couple of Ghillie suits available for students to use and are in the process of making a couple more. These are first-come-first-serve basis.

Can I ship my gear direct so I do not have to travel with it?

You can have ammo and gear shipped to Crosswind Precision. You must bring your weapon with you. Crosswind Precision is not responsible for gear that is lost in shipping.

Can I pay you to pick up ammo?

Large quantities of match grade ammo are not available locally. We recommend ordering ammo on-line through Midway USA, Ammoman.com, Ableammo.com or another reputable supplier.  You can have this ammo shipped to us and it will be here waiting for you.

What’s the best way to get to Grand Junction?
Depending on your trip’s budget and schedule, you can travel by car, train, bus, or plane. Driving or flying are the most common, so here are more details on each.
The quickest way to travel to Grand Junction is by plane. There are regular non-stop flights offered by United between the two cities (DEN to GJT), or a one-stop route available from US Airways (connects in Phoenix). Once you arrive in Grand Junction, the airport is only a few minutes away from Downtown. There are car rental options available at the airport, among other ground transportation options. You can also find accommodations near the airport.
Grand Junction is conveniently located on I-70 equidistant between Salt Lake City and Denver. From Denver, the drive totals 243 miles each way and takes about 4 hours, depending on road and weather conditions. The drive from Denver takes you through the heart of the Rocky Mountains and provides numerous spectacular vistas (along with the occasional winter weather driving hazards). The drive from Salt Lake City is 284 miles each way and takes about 4 1/2 hours.This drive takes you over the Wasatch Mountains and through remote Eastern Utah, where you can often spot herds of pronghorn from the highway. Either way, it’s a beautiful drive.
Can I take the Long-range Precision 1 course back to back with the Long-range Precision 2 Course?

You bet! We schedule the courses to run together if there is interest in that from our students. We would like to schedule the courses this way so students can save travel time and expenses. Watch the schedule.

I attended a long-range precision rifle course previously at another school. Can I just take the Long-range Precision 2 Course?

Probably. If you can provide proof of attendance and completion of training at a reputable school, chances are that you will be allowed to take Long-range Precision 2 with Crosswind Precision.

Do I have to take Long-range Precision 1 before taking Long-range Precision 2?

Yes. This is necessary for us to be able to evaluate your abilities and is truly in the best interest of you, other students and the instructors.

Do I have to take Intro to Long-range Precision before taking Long-range Precision 1?

Not necessarily, it depends on your level of knowledge and experience. if you have concerns, give us a call to discuss what course might be the right starting place for you.

Are meals provided?

No. Students attending this class will need to bring all that they need to sustain themselves while attending the course. We DO NOT break for lunch.  Bring plenty of water/Gatorade, Powerbars and Cliff bars, anything you like to snack on. There are usually short breaks between exercises when you will be able to eat a snack, sandwich etc. These courses require us to utilize every minute possible to convey the knowledge and get the practical applications completed. You will find that we do not waste time getting started in the mornings and you will not spend long periods of time in a classroom. We are accustomed to teaching professionals and we will treat you like professionals.

What if I have to cancel my course?

If a cancellation is made 30 days prior to the course, 50% will be refunded and any money paid can be applied to a future date. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the course date, there are NO REFUNDS. However, money paid may be applied to a future course date. There are no refunds or credits for no-shows.  Do not register for a course date if you cannot guarantee that you can attend.

What are the physical demands of the courses?

There are brisk hikes up hills, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions. The advanced course will require crawling over short distances and ability to remain still for long periods. The most demanding physical stress is on the mental capacity due to the level of concentration needed. Most students are fine physically at the end of the day but are mentally drained.

Can you recommend a place to stay?
Grand Junction is located about 40 minutes from our private range, and offers awe-inspiring natural beauty and outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, skiing, and mountain biking. Check out the visitor’s center website for information on trails, outdoor activities, and events. Grand Junction Visitor’s Center
There are multiple hotels in the Grand Valley.  Click here for a complete listing of available options: http://www.visitgrandjunction.com/hotels-lodging
For those wanting the most comfortable experience, we would recommend staying in Downtown Grand Junction because it provides several nice hotel options with the ability to walk to local shops and restaurants:
Hampton Inn Downtown – (970) 243-3222
If you prefer to sleep out under the stars, you can camp at our private range or in the nearby National Forests. Our range does not have hook-ups or facilities, but we have enough space for tents and a few modest-size camp trailers. Please call us in advance if you’re planning to bring a trailer, so we can ensure we have enough space.
If you’re willing to trade finer accommodations for closer access to the range, we recommend lodging in Delta or Paonia, Colorado. Both are about 15 minutes away from our private range:
Days Inn Delta – (970) 874-9781
Quality Inn Delta – (970) 874-1000
Redwood Arms Motel Paonia – (970) 527-4148
Bross Hotel B&B Paonia – (970) 527-6776
Do you have cleaning equipment?

No.  We do recommend one-piece cleaning rods, good quality bore patches, and proper techniques which we teach in the intro course.

Can you let me know where the range will be?
The location of the range will be sent to you after your application is approved. Courses information is not publicly posted for safety reasons.
Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, we offer gift certificates.

I have more questions. Can you help me?

You bet. Just give me a call at (970) 589-2516 or email me at info@crosswindprecision.com. I’d be happy to talk with you. ~ Dean Cork

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What Our Students Say

  • Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy is without a doubt the highest quality and most intense civilian training I have ever received. I’ve been to other shooting schools, but none of them can compare to the quality or breadth of training I received at Crosswind. The instructors have been there, done that, and their instruction validates their knowledge. I highly recommend Crosswind Precision to anyone who wants to learn more about long-distance shooting and fieldcraft. This is world-class training by guys who have been in action in the most dangerous places in the world!

    Mike D LRP 1&2, Fieldcraft 1&2
  • I was originally looking for just a simple long range shooting class. However, when I came across Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy I was intrigued. I am so glad that I found this class. The training was phenomenal! The instructors are true experts in their field. Additionally, (and perhaps more importantly) they are excellent teachers. Not everybody who is an expert can help someone else learn that skill/knowledge. Dean and his staff can. They did an excellent job translating classroom work to field training. This course was easily worth twice what they charge and probably more. I look forward to attending additional classes from this group.

    Jeff W LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1
  • Excellent training from instructors with many years of real-word experience. Crosswind Precision has brought my shooting and fieldcraft skills to a new level. As a PRS-style competitor, I've found this type of formal training hard to come by in the Rocky Mountain region, but Crosswind has exceeded my expectations of quality and value. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their match scores, feeling greater confidence on their hunt, or learning the fieldcraft fundamentals of evading detection.

    Andrew B LRP 1&2, Fieldcraft 1&2
  • I attended the latest LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1 course at Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy. What I learned there was beyond all of my expectations. We received so much information it was difficult to absorb it all. That information didn’t stop at long-range shooting; we spent time on maps, navigation skills, ranging skills, range mathematics, camouflage, stalking, hiding, and Ghillie suit construction. The course culminated in a live-fire exercise that left me wanting to come back for more. Dean, Grizz, and Adam all make you feel welcome regardless of experience. If you think you’re ready to expand your shooting and hunting craft, there is no better opportunity than the one offered at Crosswind Precision.

    Scott F LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1
  • I recently attended a [long-range precision rifle and fieldcraft] class at Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy and was very impressed. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and competent, and worked to ensure that the students understood the concepts and principles of long-range shooting being taught. My shooting skills improved greatly, and by the end of the class all the students were consistently hitting targets at 1500 yards. This is not a simple bench rest target shooting course. It covers everything from long-range shooting principles to camouflage, to stalking, and culminates in a live-fire stalking exercise that highlights the difference between theory and practice. If you have any interest at all in long-range shooting or fieldcraft, you cannot go wrong attending Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy.

    David C LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1
  • What a great class! I learned a ton, worked my butt off, and had a blast doing it! I was able to hit steel at 1500 yards (with a .308), learned how to get distance measures just from my scope, and more. Looking forward to the next class.

    Matthew B LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1
  • I attended Crosswind Precision LRP 1 and was blown away. The instructors Dean, Adam, and Josh know their stuff and are experts on techniques and equipment. They have so much knowledge and are able to teach everyone from beginner to expert. I went to this course as a beginner shooter. I had some experience hunting but really wanted to learn to shoot out past 500 yards. By the end of the course, I was consistently hitting targets at over 1,200 yards and even hit a target at 1,790 yards. I never thought shooting these distances was possible. This course exceeded my expectations and now I have already registered for the LRP 2 course. I would recommend this course for any shooter or hunter looking to improve their skills and wanting to feel more comfortable shooting long distances.

    Colton B LRP 1 & Fieldcraft 1
  • There was so much to say about the shooting experience, but none of it would have been meaningful if it wasn’t for the capability of you and your staff. You were able to convey shooting concepts effectively to both me, a hand gun guy and my son a far more experienced rifle guy and overall gun enthusiast. Dean, there is no doubt that we left your class far better shooters than we were when we entered. Kudos to you for what you have developed at Crosswind Precision.

    Stephen F LRP 1
  • While looking for a course geared towards hunting, I found Crosswind Precision and their long range hunting class.  The number of available dates and price made it an easy choice.  Entering the course with little knowledge of long range shooting, no hunting experience and not knowing what to expect from a class of this nature was a little intimidating. The instructors, Dean and Mark, were phenomenal and made the experience enjoyable.  They create a perfect environment for beginners and encourage questions. After the two days I felt much more confident in my ability to make ethical shots at longer ranges than before taking the class.  I highly recommend taking any course from Crosswind Precision. I'll definitely be back early next year to take the Long Range Precision One bundle, cannot wait!

    Eric L. Long-Range Hunting
  • On my 3rd day of my Long Range Precision Shooting class Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy, I found my first shooting position to be 1329 yards. But there's a problem, my scope is maxed out which means there is no more height adjustment left on the turret and I'm having to use the elevation marks inside the scope. Eight shots to dial it in and get my hit with some shaking wind conditions. Since the target (18×30" steel plate) was at the very bottom of my scope with very little elevation left we figure this was it for me & my .308, but the 6.5 Creedmoor & 300 Win-Mag people would be going on from here. The instructors had me using my scope to spot for my partner (help read the wind) when I realized that the ranging techniques they had taught us the day before could help me make the next range of 1479 yards. So when I asked my spotter if I could attempt that range he looked funning at me but gave the OK to proceed. 6 rounds later I had a direct HIT @ 1429 Yards! The rest of the class with their equipment hit 1790 yards (OVER A MILE)!

    What a 3-day class!!!!!!!
    Randy W. LRP 1
Crosswind Precision Marksmanship Academy Colorado
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